Revolve Electric Bikes

The Stealth - Hybrid Electric Bike


This electric bike earned its name because it does not look like an electric  bike. The motor is a new geared motor, no bigger than a normal hub on a  bicycle wheel and covered. You'll look so cool riding around Ontario on this electric bike.

The big surprise is the power this motor has.  It is the most powerful 500 watt motor you will experience. The battery  is built into the bike frame. Easily detach and plug in for charging.  The battery is a Samsung 36 volt 11.6ah battery. 

Did I forget the  wheels? Two magnesium rims to make this bike so attractive. 

Now for the  quality and performance- it is excellent. Stealth can be driven by using what we call the Trifecta. It has the  manual mode-just pedal. Second, it has a pedal assist mode. The third  mode is just throttle. 

Mag wheels available in two colors: black or white. Fully equipped for just $1950.

Max loading: 250 lbs.

No Stress - Cruiser Electric Bike


Are you looking for an electric bike that looks and feels more like a cruiser. Look no further. The No Stress is all about just going out for a cruise. And just $1950, too.

And you can cruise a long way. The 500 watt motor is designed to carry you 30 miles or longer before you need a charge. Of course, the more you pedal, the longer the battery will last. 

You can ride in one of three modes. No motor at all, pedaling and motor combined, or using "on demand" which means 100% motor. 

These e-bikes are well-built, durable, stylish and technologically  advanced. They require very little maintenance and its durability will  mean years and years of riding enjoyment.

Frame    Wheels      Gears

Max loading 300 lbs.

The Imp Folding Electric Bike


Folding bike! This is a bike for anyone that commutes using public transportation  such as going to work, school, or on errands. The quality is great. The price is also great at just $1099.00

Drive this bike to the bus or train, fold it up, then unfold and finish the trip to work. You have up to 30 miles. Once at work fold it up and store it conveniently while recharging. Then repeat on the way home. 

This lightweight, aluminum alloy bike comes with a 250 watt brushless motor and is powered by a Lithium 36V 10Ah battery that will last up to 6 hours.

This Imp is designed to manage a rider and gear weighing up to 180 lbs.

Weighing only 35 pounds the Imp folding electric bike is easy to ride without any power assist using the 6 speed Shimano gearing. 

The Imp Electric Folding Bike


We wanted to show you what the Imp looked like folded up. Folding bikes are fantastic for use on boats, RV's, motor homes, private planes, and for stowing when traveling on planes, trains, or busses.

There are very few well built folding electric bikes at this price point which provide all of these features in one product.  

Easy Rider II - Step Through Electric Bike


You will turn heads where ever you go when you're riding the Easy Rider II. As a cross between a bike and a motorcycle you'll be unique on the road or on the path. 

The cost is absolutely amazing at just $1150, especially when you consider that it comes equipped with a 500 watt brushless motor, drum brakes front and rear, and even LED lights for night driving. 

The Easy Rider II is capable of handling 300 pounds on board, and will take you up to 35 miles without a recharge. 



Are the motors on these bikes noisy?  No. In fact the bikes don't sound much different that a bike that has no motor. 

Can I ride these bikes without a license? Yes, they are considered to be the same as bicycles in all regards.

How fast can I go? The US has a rule that only allows a maximum speed of 20 mph using the motor. You might go faster under your own power.