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Trek Road


We carry Trek bicycles, the number one bicycle brand in the US. While we are able to get any bike in the line, we are primarily a family shop selling bikes under $2500 with an emphasis on road and hybrid bikes under $1000 and starting under $500. 

Trek Mountain


We carry a very nice range of Trek mountain bikes. As with our road bikes, we are primarily a great resource for bikes between $500 and $2500. But we can order any Trek Bicycle in the entire line for you and get it usually in one day. 

Electra Cruisers


The number one brand in cruisers is Electra. The Townie is the best seller. Electra's are built tough and created with style and elegance. That's why they are number one. 



We offer several brands of BMX bikes to serve riders who have various needs. Whether you are just tooling around and doing a few tricks, or you need a mean racing machine, we have the bike for you. Brands include: 

Single Speed/Fixed Gear


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